Is this going to taste like mushrooms?

Not in the way you think. Reishi has compounds called triterpenes which have a very bitter aftertaste. In reishi kombucha, you'll taste these bitter notes. 

How do you extract the reishi? 

We create a strong reishi tea through a high pressure hot water extraction. 

How much should I drink?

If you are new to kombucha overall, we recommend starting with 4 ounces a day and gradually increasing your intake to 12-16oz a day. Similarly to traditional kombucha made with black and green tea, you may experience detox effects such as gas, bloat or change in stool. 

Where do you get your mushrooms?

We are proud to say that we source our mushrooms from a local organic farm in B.C. We are passionate about growing the mushroom cultivation industry in Canada and are always open to new partnerships. 

What is the shelf life? 

Raw, unpasteurized kombucha has a shelf life of 6 months if kept refrigerated. However, since the product will continue slowly fermenting, we place a best before date on each bottle (~6 weeks) that we are confident the product will have its ideal carbonation and low (less than .05%) alcohol levels. We hope to increase the shelf life by the end of our beta testing period. 

How do you flavour?

We use different methods depending on the flavour. Sometimes we use fresh fruit and herbs, sometimes we use pasteurized cold pressed juice and other times we cook down the fruit and make a syrup. We are not traditionalists and we do whatever tastes best, while maintaining the naturally low sugar appeal of kombucha. 

What do you brew in?


Where can I get it? 

We drop new batches online every few weeks for home delivery and pickup to gather feedback and decide which core flavours to launch to retail in Spring 2021. You can subscribe to get notified. 

I'm a retailer and I want to sell your product in the Spring

Please reach out to info@vancouvermushroomco.com